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Our Integrations

Zinger provides powerful integrations with the most popular platforms needed for
the smooth functioning of your jewellery business.

Payment Integrations

Give your customers the choice to pay online. Zinger provides integrations with multiple leading online payment service providers.Accept online payments from the popular digital wallets without any hassles.

Online Ordering Integrations

Have a presence on multiple ordering services so as to not miss out on potential customers. Zinger allows you to automatically accept orders from various platforms & saves you the hassle of adding them manually into the POS at the end of each day. The entire customer data & order details are automatically added to the POS software. Zinger’s smart CRM module fetches this data instantly & sorts the customers into buckets according to their behavior.


Accounting Integrations

Push your jewellery sales and purchase data into the Accounting software with ease. Save time and eliminate manual errors by auto-creating Sales Vouchers and Receipts.

Whatsapp Integrations

Manage your customer inquiries intuitively and professionally with messaging apps. Improve your customer service with simple and effective Chatbots. Efficient – and economic.