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Jewellery Management System

Automate your Jewellery operations & manage your business efficiently!

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How Zinger Helps ?

With the highly advanced Digital world, would you say no if you were given a software to manage all your Jewellery Shop functions – right from taking orders and scheduling deliveries, to keeping a check on the stock?

With the years spent in extensive research and based on the advice from Industry experts, we came up with this wonder-tool that strives to give you an unwavering business experience.

Zinger is an ERP that covers all the essential functions of a Jewellery Shop leaving none. It comprises of a vast list of modules that which form the fundamental tools for a successful Jewellery Shop business.

Zinger provides a comprehensive and uncompromising solution to form of increased revenue, reduced costs, and enhanced operations. It is best-suited, tailor-made and promises phenomenal benefits while helping you elevate the customer’s experience.

Zinger is a Cloud-Based Jewellery Software Works both OFFLINE & ONLINE, Pilferages-Control Prevents THEFT & PILFERAGES in your Jewellery, No Data Loss Stores data on secure ENCRYPTED SERVERS, Quick Support Resolves all QUERIES instantly, Hardware Independent Runs on BROWSER and supports all HARDWARE.


We have put together the best of our experience


Accept more orders quickly through simple and easy to use Tablets. View the product List in the Tablet for top selling products.


From invoicing to expense tracking to accounting, Zinger has all the tools you need to manage your accounts wiser.

Advanced Inventory Management

Keep a track of the stock requirements of your branches. Set re-order levels and set reminders to the pending orders.

E-Commerce Service

Let your customers view your products and services from your custom E-commerce website.

Chits & Schemes

Enroll, Track & Followup of the chits and Schemes.


Zinger supports Loyalty/Redeem programs keeps the process simple to manage and utilize the points available.

Sales Insight App

View the number of products sold and measure the range of products sold by your staff. Helps you monitor the overall sales performance.

Tally Integration

Add your sales and purchase data into the accounting software with Zinger.

Online Mobile App

Zinger connects Owners, Employees, Customers on a single mobile platform.

Social Media Promotion

Engage, Update your customers on the digital platform like facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest.

Reports & Analysis

View all the updates & reports of your shop from anywhere, anytime. Keep a track of your business at all times.

E-Mail & SMS

Greet your customers on their Birthdays and Anniversaries by sending them personalized emails.

Feedback App

Zinger helps to capture the customer’s feedback for the service rendered and reports for the quality improvement.

Scheduled Reports & Alerts

Access real-time reports of your business anytime, from any web-enabled device and make data-driven decisions for your business.

WhatsApp Integration

Send reports and product promotions to business owner and customer on regular basis.